No gimmicks. No whining. These been-there-done-that rock and roll veterans offer straightforward, cranked-up original music. There’s nothing belabored, frilly, or overly complicated about what they do. It’s rock and roll inspired by the likes of the New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Johnny Thunders, Cheap Trick, The Stooges, and Dead Boys, with a modern twist and their own flare. 

Whether on a big stage or in your favorite dive bar, these guys are individually and collectively committed to giving the audience a great show. But they don’t take it all too seriously. They’re having fun. And so will you. If rock and roll is part of your DNA, then put 13 Saints on your must-see list.

Debonair ax slinger Davey brings the rock-n-roll. And the panache. Raised on a steady diet of Slade, Rory Gallagher, The Ramones, and Zeppelin, he combines hard-driving rock riffs with punk rock energy and showmanship.

Dave Buzard

guitar, vocals

Bassist, singer, and anger management therapy drop-out. Creep is a British-rock-a-holic with a penchant for all things pre-1974 from music to cars. As founder, writer, and frontman of a suyccessful Philly punk band, he performed from New York to DC and everywhere in between.

He'll give you the shirt off his back, literally. Just come to a show. Living by the motto "variety is the shot of life, chased by moderation" Eric's done it all - 70s KISS, 80s metal, 90s alternative, 00s garage rock, and today's whatever it is...he gives new meaning to the word range.

The Band

Creep Newholland

bass, vocals

The music is a cross between crunching hard rock and melodicism, with guitar-driven songs that are hooky yet hard-edged. They combine strong melodies with loud power chords, incorporating rock and roll and punk elements but with alternative rock sensibilities.

Upscale white trash guitar junkie and music addict. Dave grew up with just enough dysfunction to make him really fun to hang with. He's been playing so long that he really should be better at it. Owns some really cool hats because he owns some really shitty hair.

Davey Child


Eric Corbin


13 Saints